The Hall of Stats Welcomes Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, and… Gary Sheffield

Jan 7, 2015 by Adam Darowski

Today, the Baseball Hall of Fame inducted four new members via the BBWAA. As the Hall of Fame expands to 215 players, that Hall of Stats follows suit.

The first three slots were taken by the newcomers to the BBWAA ballot who gained induction immediately—Randy Johnson (with a Hall Rating of 217), Pedro Martinez (188), and John Smoltz (136). The fourth inductee was Craig Biggio (128), but he’s been in the Hall of Stats for a couple years now. As a result, our last new inductee is the newcomer to the BBWAA ballot who exceeded a 100 Hall Rating but missed induction—Gary Sheffield (116).

Not much else has changed on the site. Hall Ratings were adjusted a bit as the new inductees impacted the formula a bit. I'd be shocked if you saw anyone's Hall Rating change by more than one point, though. The Hall of Consensus has been updated with the results, the Hall of Merit induction results, and the votes from our panel of Personal Halls (we were all unanimous on Johnson, Martinez, and Smoltz while only Dalton is holding out on Sheffield).

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