Introducing the Hall of Stats

Nov 9, 2012 by Adam Darowski

Almost two years after introducing the Hall of wWAR, I’m happy to introduce you to the Hall of Stats—an alternate Hall of Fame populated by a mathematical formula. I’m excited about this release for many reasons.

First, I was able to collaborate with two great friends, Jeffrey Chupp and Michael Berkowitz. When it comes to building software, these are two of the best I’ve ever worked with. They’ve been fully dedicated to making my dreams come true with this project, and I’m grateful for it.

Second, I’ve been a bit of a baseball nomad on the Internet. I’ve written for myself and written for some wonderful sites (like Beyond the Box Score, Baseball Past and Present, and High Heat Stats. But ever since I built the Hall of wWAR, I’ve wanted a more sophisticated home for my research, writing and design related to baseball. This is it.

wWAR (now expressed as Hall Rating) is my baby. This site has all the wWAR data for every single player in history (from 1871 through 2012). All data comes from Baseball-Reference’s incredible WAR downloads. I’ve also used the Sean Lahman Baseball Database where B-R couldn’t give me what I needed in an easy format.

What else does this site have?

Please have a look around and tell me what you think. I’m very proud of the site and (once again) very grateful to Jeffrey and Michael for helping me make this idea a reality.

I ask you to read the About page. There, I explain many things in great detail, like the goals of the Hall of Stats, the formula, the contributors, and many other details about the site. You can follow @HallOfStats on Twitter for updates on the project.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy The Hall of Stats.

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