“Near Misses” and Linkable Filters

Nov 14, 2012 by Adam Darowski
Nap Rucker: Photo Credit

It’s been a few days since the release of the Hall of Stats. I’ve received a few feature requests, but I kept hearing one over and over again—people want an easy way to see who just missed induction to the Hall of Stats.

There is now a filter for the 63 “Near Misses”, or eligible players outside of the Hall of Stats with a Hall Rating of 90+. That’s everyone from John Olerud and Nap Rucker down to Brian Downing and Vada Pinson.

To view the list, you can go to the homepage and choose “Near Misses” from the filters menu. Or—how’s this for the perfect segue?—you can simply directly link to that filter.

That’s right… you can now directly link to any filtered view. It’s easier than ever to:

It’s a small update, but we hope you find it useful!

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