They Blew It Again

Dec 8, 2014 by Adam Darowski
Minnie Miñoso: Photo Credit

Today at Baseball’s Winter Meetings, the Hall of Fame’s Golden Era Committee met to discuss this year’s candidates (I recently published my take on the candidates).

As a reminder, I was pushing for Minnie Miñoso, Dick Allen, Ken Boyer, and Luis Tiant. But honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing any of the ten candidates gaining induction (well, except Maury Wills… he’s way below the line for me). Miñoso’s case came with particular urgency. He’s 89 years old. While I believe he’s in pretty good health, this once-ever-three-years torture certainly couldn’t last forever. I’d hate to see another Ron Santo situation on our hands (as a reminder, Santo was finally inducted just a year after his death).


Update: I’m sad to say Minnie Miñoso passed away March 1, 2015 at the age of 89. The Golden Era Committee whiffed on their last chance to honor him. It’s a shame and I’m still angry about it, but I’m trying to look past that right now. He was a great baseball man and an even better man. President Obama offered these thoughts

Minnie may have been passed over by the Baseball Hall of Fame during his lifetime, but for me and for generations of black and Latino young people, Minnie’s quintessentially American story embodies far more than a plaque ever could. Michelle and I send our thoughts and prayers to his family and fans in Chicago, Cleveland, and around the world.

Thanks, Obama.

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