Getting a Head Start on the 2013 Ballot

Nov 9, 2012 by Adam Darowski
Barry Bonds: Photo Credit

While the 2013 Hall of Fame inductees won’t be announced until January, the Hall of Stats has already included those players who are worthy (by Hall Rating). They are:

Why did I include these players a couple months before they were technically eligible? If I didn’t include these seven players, I would be including the next-best seven eligible players. Those players are:

Nap Rucker: Photo Credit

The Hall of Stats will always contain the same number of players as the Hall of Fame. Right now, both have 208 players. If I waited to put the seven 2013 players in, I would get to temporarily include Olerud and company. But then all seven players in the 2013 class would immediately knock them out. The only ones saved would be the top players, depending how many actually are inducted in 2013 (and who really knows how many will be at this point?). For example, if only two are inducted, Olerud and Rucker would have stayed in the Hall of Stats. The others would have been removed, just a couple months after being “inducted”.

Rather than adding a bunch of players now just to remove them in a couple months, I’ll add them now. That way, if new players are inducted this coming January, I can add additional players to the Hall of Stats from the Olerud list.

Make sense? Now, I just wonder how many of the seven will actually be inducted…

Note: The Hall Rating formula has changed slightly since this article was published. The Hall Rating figures used are from the time of publication.

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