Greinke’s Magical Season Makes Him Hall-Worthy

Oct 11, 2015 by Adam Darowski

This weekend, I updated the site with stats from the 2015 season. Let’s take a look what’s new…

Newly Hall-Worthy

Clayton Kershaw: Photo Credit

In September, I wrote about how the Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw crossed the 100 Hall Rating threshold. Friend of the site Bryan O’Connor pointed out that Kershaw is now the top lefty starter in Dodgers history. That’s a big deal because it’s Sandy Koufax he passed.

Zack Greinke dominated this season with a 19–3 record, 1.66 ERA, 225 ERA+, and 9.3 pitching WAR. He even hit .224 with a pair of homers to provide 0.6 WAR at the plate. That made 2015 his second 10-WAR season. The only players since 1901 to produce a pair of 10-WAR seasons without being inducted into the Hall are Barry Bonds (3 such seasons), Roger Clemens (2), and Wilbur Wood (2).

Greinke’s incredible campaign also helped him reach a 100 Hall Rating (just shy of age 32). I suppose this means it’s time to start considering Greinke is a Hall of Famer. I think that one snuck up on us.

Active Stars Getting Close

David Wright: Photo Credit

David Wright began the 2015 season as the closest active player to the 100 Hall Rating line (with 97). Unfortunately, due to injury he’ll enter the 2016 season atop the same list with the same Hall Rating. He is followed by Felix Hernandez and Mark Teixeira, who both made their way to 95.

Much like Greinke snuck up on me, Cole Hamels already has a 91 Hall Rating. Not yet 32 years old, he seems a lock to reach 100. Joey Votto, who recently turned 32, had a huge season to bring him to 89 (8th in Reds history). Dustin Pedroia struggled with injuries, but still brought his Hall Rating to 88. Ian Kinsler has spent much of his career as Pedroia’s shadow, but a 6-WAR season brought him right behind The Laser Show (87 Hall Rating). Next on the list is Cliff Lee, who still sits at 86 because of injury. David Ortiz just keeps on adding to his total, a few points at a time. He’s now up to 84 (which brings him ahead of Jim Rice).

An Eye On the Youth

Mike Trout: Photo Credit

The first thing most of you will do when you hear the site is updated with 2015 stats is check on Mike Trout’s Hall Rating. The 24-year old is already at 83, ranking ahead of 32 Hall of Famers. Trout ranks third among Angels, behind just Chuck Finley and Jim Fregosi. He could pass both and reach a 100 Hall Rating with another stellar season.

Andrew McCutchen just turned 29 yesterday, but he’s already more than three-fourths of the way to the Hall of Stats (76). Jason Heyward just turned 26 and has already reached a 63 Hall Rating. Meanwhile, Giancarlo Stanton isn’t quite 26 and has already reached 50. He should become #1 on the Marlins list with a decent season. Paul Goldschmidt also sits at 50 and recently turned 28. On the hill, Madison Bumgarner has a 39 Hall Rating at age 26.

Bryce Harper used his monster season to propel him to a 41 Hall Rating. He hasn’t even turned 23 yet and he’s already passed a pair of Hall of Famers. Manny Machado, 23 years old, is already more than a third of the way there (35) while Nolan Arenado’s big year has him up to a 26 Hall Rating at 24 years of age.

Adding to Their Legacy

Alex Rodriguez: Photo Credit

Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols added modestly to their already incredible Hall Ratings. Adrian Beltre, meanwhile, put together another stellar season to bring his Hall Rating to 160 (60th all time, including pitchers).

Carlos Beltran and Chase Utley struggled this year and mostly stayed where they were. Miguel Cabrera won yet another batting title and brought his Hall Rating all the way up to 123 (14th among first basemen).

New Players

This time of year, I get to see a couple players who throw my database off—major league players who were discovered over the past year. We had three this year:

Both McKennas were previously though to be additional seasons by Ed McKenna.

See anything else interesting? Let me know in the comments. Enjoy!

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