Miguel Cabrera Officially Hall-Worthy; Joe Mauer Ridiculously Close

Oct 4, 2013 by Adam Darowski

The 2013 stats are up! As expected, there were no changes to the Hall of Stats’ population. But plenty happened during the year worth mentioning.

Miguel Cabrera had a pretty good year. Last season, he won the Triple Crown and was worth 7.3 WAR. This year, he didn’t win the Triple Crown, but he was just as good (7.2 WAR). That performance helped him race past the 100 Hall Rating threshold. To the Hall of Stats, he is now officially Hall-worthy. Anything he does for the rest of his career is just icing on the cake.

I had been watching Joe Mauer all season to see if he would join Miggy. My back-of-the-envelope calculations showed him as right on the borderline, so I’d have to wait until I did the real number crunching. Well, I’ve done it.

Yes—he’s right on the borderline. But he falls short… with a Hall Rating of 99.963. Basically, when Joe Mauer steps on a field next season that will make him Hall-worthy. He’s that close.

Who could cross the threshold next season?

How about Mike Trout? How far did he climb up the Hall Rating ladder? Last year I wrote about how he had already matched Tommy McCarthy. Well, he rode a 9.2 WAR season (he was even better by Fangraphs’ WAR) to a 47 Hall Rating. On the way there, he passed two more Hall of Famers—Lloyd Waner and High Pockets Kelly.

We also had some key retirements at the end of the season:

As you poke around at the new numbers, does anything strike you as interesting?

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