Personal Hall of Fame, Part 7: Here It Is

Jul 2, 2013 by Adam Darowski

In six previous articles on this site, I documented the process of compiling my Personal Hall of Fame (see part (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6). I discussed the process offline with fellow bloggers Dan McCloskey, Ross Carey, and Bryan O’Connor and wavered between 200 and about 230 “inductees”.

Today, I’m announcing my Personal Hall officially, though this doesn’t mean it won’t change. Like the Hall of Stats (and unlike the Hall of Fame), I don’t cling to mistakes and I use the best information available. If I learn something that changes how I feel about a player, I will make a change.

In fact, I’m hoping that Dan, Ross, and Bryan are able to sway me towards some players I’m on the fence about. As of this writing, I’m going to stick to a Personal Hall that is the same size (208 members) as the Hall of Fame and Hall of Stats. I’ll also be sticking to players only inducted for their playing careers as part of Major League Baseball.

I have added my Personal Hall of Fame to all the filters on the site (on the home page, franchise pages, and position pages). Here are some direct links to see:

28 players outside of the Hall of Stats appear in my personal Hall. Nine of them aren’t in the Hall of Fame either—Ross Barnes, Pete Browning, Bob Caruthers, Bill Freehan, Paul Hines, John McGraw, Minnie Miñoso, Al Spalding, and Harry Stovey. All but Freehan and Miñoso are 19th century players, which I suppose makes sense given my interest in the era.

The Personal Hall of Fame filter also appears on franchise pages, so you can see that 31 Red Sox and 40 Yankees are in my Personal Hall.

I hope this starts a lively discussion about many of your Personal Halls. I’m looking forward to seeing Dan, Ross, and Bryan’s “final” Halls.

What would yours look like?

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